Year 12 Information

Year 12 learners will be working toward completing their NCEA Level 2 qualification. To do this they must choose 5 courses for each semester. One of these courses must be from the literacy rich category and at least one must be from the Science rich or Maths rich category (exemption from this must be applied for).

A course in literacy, science and/or mathematics and statistics is compulsory at Level 2 (unless exemption is applied for).

Learners should ensure that their course selection is appropriate for their desired pathway.

Your Ako coach will have shared with you a document helping go through your subject pathways along with a hard copy of the lines the subjects you are selecting will sit in. You will need to select 5 Courses per Semester(10 in total) and 5 Backups for Semester 1 

Choose my courses 

Course Selection Process on School Point

1) Go to Kamar portal and log on to School Point from here.

2) Read through all of the course descriptions and look at our pathways page on School Point before you make your choices. 

3) Choose one course per line - You will need to pick your desired course from each line of the timetable for both semesters. Click the course you want to make it a ‘Favourite’, to confirm this course click again in the line you want to do this course.

4) Discuss your choices with your parents/caregivers who need to approve these courses on Schoolpoint via their Kamar Portal access.  

5) Talk to your Ako Coach and any other teachers who might offer you guidance around these courses. 

 All courses must be chosen on School point by Tuesday 21st September 2021


  • Have you read over the different courses you have available to you?

  • Have you discussed your preferred choices with your parents/caregivers and Ako coach?

  • Have you selected 5 courses in each Semester and followed the requirements for choosing your Connected courses. 

  • Have you completed the course selection on Schoolpoint by clicking on each course on each line?

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