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Explore the courses available to you as a Junior learner and 'Favourite' the courses you are interested in taking in 2021

Timetable Structure at Rolleston College:


As a junior (Year 9/10), you will have Ako 4 times per week - this will cover:

  • Quest, 
  • Navigation, 
  • Digital Tikanga, 
  • Hauora and 
  • Te Ao Maori


You will have 2 separate Connected classes, each with a different curriculum focus, spread across English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. You will also have HPE throughout the year, as well as dedicated literacy and numeracy classes.



As a Year 9 learner, you will have 2 Selected options per Term, so 8 options throughout the year. We encourage you to try as many different options as possible to experience all that Rolleston College has to offer. 

All learners must take a language, a technology and an arts-focused course throughout the year.


You will have 2 Selected options per Semester, so 4 options throughout the year - this is your chance to 'dive deep' into areas you really love, or try something new to find a new passion. We encourage you to keep it broad, and try some new things you haven't done before to enable you to make informed decisions in the future.

Want to pick your courses?

Year 9:

To choose your courses go to 'COURSES I HAVE SELECTED' on the left hand menu then 'COURSES FOR ME'. This will give you the full details on courses available. Make your preferred choices first, then the back ups.

You should select 4 options for the first term only - 2 preferred options, and 2 back up options. You should have 1 preferred option and 1 backup option per column on your hardcopy - please refer to the most updated version as there has been a small change to our arts options.

An example of what this could look like is below:

Year 10:

You should select 8 options over the year- 4 preferred options and 4 backup. 

You should have 1 preferred option and 1 backup option per column on your hardcopy. Please ensure you do select back up options, as our Selected courses are popular and you may not get your first choice.

Please ensure also, that you have selected across semesters - for example, you have selected "10 Creative Digital Design (Semester 1)" if this is the option you want to take in Semester 1 - some courses run across the whole year, whereas others will run only once in the year.

  • Go to learning areas - pick a learning area (for example, "10 Save a Life" will be under Science.)
  • Select a course that you wish to take - click "+ Select as one of my Courses" - you will need 2 preferred options per semester.
  • Once you have selected your preferred courses, do the same steps, except this time, the selection option should be "Select as my Backup" - you will need 2 backups per semester.

An example of what this could look like is below:

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