3 Challenge the Limits (3CLMT)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Senior Level, Outdoor Education Course. 

Our full-year Outdoor Education course will fine-tune your abilities and core skills for operating safely and successfully in the outdoors and include multi-day adventures. You will be applying your weather interpretation skills, navigation, trip planning and preparation skills to undertake tramping expeditions that will include river crossings. 

This course includes three days and five-day tramping expeditions. Fine turning core skills will also be through the contexts of advanced rock climbing, mountain biking and orienteering.   As such you will need to provide your own serviced mountain bike and helmet that is fit for purpose. 


Please note this course will involve regular offsite trips in the afternoon after school finishes. The dates and times will be confirmed when the course starts.  

Learning Areas:

Health & Physical Education

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Voluntary Course Contribution
This course includes a range of Field Trips at a cost of $350.00 to deepen and reinforce learning. * Course cost to be added to statements at the start of course.
Learners will be expected to assist with and supply their own property (supply a pack, rain jacket, thermals and footwear plus a fit for purpose bike and helmet) for overnight and day trip excursions

Optional Items - Recommended for home purchase and use
Dedicated learner laptop (Chrome book suitable) with learners own headset recommended.

In addition to the Senior Stationery list on our My School Office Max Portal.

No additional stationery items needed for this course.

To keep costs low, we recommend only buying the items of stationery you do not have. Your child is welcome to bring items from home, perhaps purchased in previous years and repurposed to save money. This could include erasers, headphones, scientific calculators and padlocks for the lockers if they already have one.


Please be aware, our charges may change