2 Maths and Statistics Level Dive in Data (2DIVE1)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Darroch

Year 12 Statistics. This course flows nicely into nicely froSemester 2 (NCEA Level 1) and helps learners understand the connections between all things. It will provide learners with practical applications of statistics and probability will combine with the learner’s interests in the real world to help them make sound economic decisions. If you are thinking of tertiary studies in economics, business or law, this is an important course for you.  

** Note: Probability methods will be revised in Semester 2 if time allows. 

Learning Areas:



3 Dive in the Data (3DIVE) 83, 3 Math’s Lab (3MLAB) 84

Career Pathways

Network Administrator, Statistician, Clinical Coder, Economist, Intelligence Officer, Data Analyst

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Voluntary Course Contribution
Annual E-learning lesson & homework tool (IXL) to assist and reinforce lessons at a cost of $25.00.
Possible Field Trip opportunity to deepen and reinforce learning at an approximate cost of between $15 to $35 covering travel expenses and entry fee. * to be confirmed during the course depending on available exhibitions and events and added to statements as they occur.

Optional Items - Recommended for home purchase and use
Dedicated learner laptop (Chrome book suitable) with learners own headset recommended.
Theory workbooks. Depending on the course and learner level, learners may be required to purchase a theory workbook to assist and reinforce lessons. Subject to course and level course books can be provided at a subsidised cost of approx. $10 to $35.
Those choosing to complete an External Exam are encouraged to purchase a revision course book for home via the school at a cost of $10.00.

See Senior Stationery list on our My School Office Max Portal.

Mathematics items included in general stationery list include
1 x Casio FX82AU Plus II 2 Scientific Calculator Black * Graphical Calculator an advantage
1 x Taurus Plastic Ruler 15cm Clear
Pens, Pencils and Pencil Case

Specific items required for this course additional to the senior stationery list include
1 x A4 Display Book Insert Cover 40 Pocket Blue
2 x 1J8 A4 Exercise Book 5mm Quad 36 Leaves
Walker Maths 2.12 Probability Methods

To keep costs low, we recommend only buying the items of stationery you do not have. Your child is welcome to bring items from home, perhaps purchased in previous years and repurposed to save money. This could include erasers, headphones, scientific calculators and padlocks for the lockers if they already have one.


Please be aware, our charges may change