10 Discover (Semester 2)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs B. Hoy

Take a look at the world you live in and discover what it takes to make an impact!  Explore people past and present who have made an impact and find out what made them stand out from the crowd.

This course touches on a range of subject areas such as law, psychology, health.  Learners will undertake a social inquiry project of their choice that will make an impact in their own life and the lives of others or look at an event that changed the world.

Learning Areas:

Year 10 Semester 2, Line 1, Social Science


1 Freedom Fighters (1FREE) 82, 1 Global Voices (1GLV2) 82, 1 Healthy Communities (1HEAL), 1 Law and Order (1LAW1), 1 Let's Talk Business (1BUS1), 1 Lets Make Money (1LMM2)